Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Gospel of Power

I was watching Rachel Maddow yesterday when I heard something so batshit insane my head nearly exploded.

First, a little background. I mentioned earlier that I toyed with writing “The Gospel of Sarah Palin”. I also mentioned that I came up with its central message. That message would have been: “He who believes that Sarah Palin is the divine Daughter of God who came to earth to save us, not only will you go to heaven, but you can commit any ‘sin’ you like knowing that you are Saved.” I was also going to write a “treatment” for a censored, Republican Bible, that would have been posted today.

It turns out I’ve been beaten to the punch, sort of.

While discussing the John Ensign sex scandal, Rachel invited on Jeff Sharlet, the author of a book called The Family, describing the “C Street House” of which Ensign was a member. (Note: the link is to page 3 of the excerpt, which is all politics and friggin terrifying)

Also itself called “The Family,” the group of conservative “christian” [sic] politicians was founded by a man named Abraham Vereide who believed that he had been given a new revelation by God: the point of Christianity is not to help people, but to give more power to the powerful, and to those chosen for leadership, the normal rules do not apply.

In fact, the leader once asked someone, "If I heard you raped 3 little girls, what should I think of you?" Someone said, "You should think I am a monster." He replied, "No, for you are one of the Chosen, so the normal rules do not apply."

This is nuts. In the past, I wondered if certain christian politicians actually thought this way—especially Palin, though she isn’t involved in this group. But even I thought it was insane! They couldn’t really believe that “Christians are Exempt; they’re just fools, or perhaps non-religious people pretending to be evangelicals in order to get votes. A story, which I was sort-of toying with would satirically point out their idiocy and/or lies by pretending that they actually believed Christians are Exempt.


I risk sounding a little loony myself, I think, but the spirit of Satan is among these people. That’s the nicest way I can put it.

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