Monday, July 13, 2009

The Solution To Sarah Palin's Money Problems


Did you know, Governor (it's still "governor", right?) that money only has value because the government says it does? Only the word of a trusted authority (such as the word of Her Sexiness the Governor of Alaska) gives it value.
And it technically isn't illegal to print your own money, provided you aren't trying to pass it off as genuine national currency. Check out this article on local currency and an example.

I've even included a potential design for a bill:

(click the bills for their larger versions)

Now, a little explanation.

* $58 is the per-diem payment
* 28 is the age when She became council member; 32, mayor of Wasilla; 42, governor; 48, President of the United States.
* 59,934,814 are the number of votes She received in John McCain's name.
* The microprinting around Her portrait is Her message: YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH ME.
* In line with that, the portrait is one of Her hottest, at least as far as official portraits go.
* On the right of the obverse is the logo of the AIP.

What do you think, gov? If you want me to change things...or send you $1.9 million's worth...let me know!

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